According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Saskatoon is one of Canada's most affordable cities.

And the future of the housing market in Saskatoon is looking bright: the Saskatchewan economy is hot, the city is experiencing a population boom, and property values are rising.

At the end of April, the Star Phoenix reported that residential property values in the province are rising faster than anywhere in the province.

“Assessed home values jumped 133 per...

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Real estate is always a hot topic regardless of current market conditions. People are always curious as to what their property is worth, which is understandable as the real estate market is ever-changing. What Realtors take for granted as common knowledge isn't exactly common knowledge to the general public.

Here are some common questions we answer regularly:

What is MLS?
MLS is the Multiple Listings System, also known as the Multiple Listing Service. MLS is a tool available...

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With's search tools, we offer buyers the opportunity to stay on top of all aspects of the ever-changing Saskatoon real estate market. Our Saskatoon MLS search offers the most extensive and advanced tools with options to select from Saskatoon's neighbourhoods, the ability to target a specific area on a map and to narrow your search down to every detail you are looking for in your next home.


Our search is available to anyone with no registration...

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