There really is nothing better than Christmas season in Saskatoon. Everything is exciting – the lights, the snow, the skating and of course the people. Sometimes, though, it is nice to trade in the cityscape for something a little different. Here are some day trips that make you feel like you’ve had a bit of a vacation without having to cross any borders.


The Crooked Trees


While the twisted and looped trees can make for an eerie feeling more fitting...

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Right now Saskatoon is a small city – around 239,000 – but the city is growing fast. Some projections say we’ll hit 500,000 in the next 20-30 years. With the number of people planning on making their homes in downtown Saskatoon estimated to hit about 15,000, it’s clear some modifications need to be made.


The City of Saskatoon recently released its much anticipated city centre plan outlining future changes to the west part of the downtown....

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People across Canada are making an effort to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. They do things as easy as replacing an old light bulb with a compact fluorescent or LED light, or biking to work once in a while. Or they do things as big as installing solar power, or building a net zero home.


No matter what amount of effort you make, you'll most likely find living an eco-friendly lifestyle makes you feel good, and it's probably better for you, too. Luckily,...

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