Snow melt management

Everyone in Saskatoon can't wait for the snow to melt and spring to really get underway, but at the same time, no one wants it to melt too fast and cause flooding. At the March 4 city council meeting (before we knew warm spring weather was still a long way off!), a report outlining plans for the 2013 snow melt were presented to council.

The report explains that because snow melt depends heavily on the amount of snowfall and the rate at which it melts,...

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North Commuter Bridge


Saskatoon residents will be hearing more about the proposed North Commuter Bridge as the year progresses. The new bridge will link the Marquis Industrial area and the University Heights area, and will function as an arterial bridge similar to the existing University and Broadway bridges.


At the January 7 council meeting, council approved Clifton Associates Ltd to complete the preliminary geotechnical and environmental investigations for...

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