Understanding Residential Zoning Codes

Zoning and bylaws are important as they are used as guidelines to control the design of community landscapes. Though zoning and bylaws can seem somewhat restricting, it helps protect real estate investment by creating consistency and flow. Zoning bylaws are designed with purpose, permitted uses, discretionary uses and development standards which include parking regulations and landscaping requirements. Always refer to your local zoning map for specifics about a property and refer to your local zoning bylaws for definitions and descriptions for zoning uses.

Residential zoning codes used in Saskatoon are as follows:

R1 - Large Lot One-Unit Residential District
R1A - One-Unit Residential District
R1B - Small Lot One-Unit Residential District
R2 - One and Two-Unit Residential District
R2A - Low-Density Residential Infill District

RMHC - Mobile Home Court District
RMHL - Mobile Home Lot District
RMTN - Townhouse Residential District
RMTN1 - Medium-Density Townhouse Residential District 1

RM1 - Low-Density Multiple-Unit Dwelling District
RM2 - Low/Medium-Density Multiple-Unit Dwelling District
RM3 - Medium-Density Multiple-Unit Dwelling District
RM4 - Medium/High-Density Multiple-Unit Dwelling District
RM5 - High-Density Multiple-Unit Dwelling District

Most residential zoning districts allow for a variety of uses including one-unit dwellings, secondary suites, places of worship, elementary and high schools, public parks, residential care homes, public libraries, family child care homes, child care centres and preschools, adults day cares, home based businesses and more. Keep in mind that every zoning code has very specific uses and are subject to change.

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