Grosvenor Park

Average Home Sale Price, 2013: $493,174
Average Home Sale Price, 2012: $461,448
Average Home Sale Price, 2011: $378,004
Average Home Sale Price, 2010: $374,506

Grosvenor Park was developed between 1946 and 1970. This area was designed to have better traffic flow to create nicer neighbourhoods. You will find some of Saskatoon's most desirable real estate located on Lake Crescent, Bate Crescent, Garrison Crescent, Copland Crescent and Isbister Street. Grosvenor Park used to have a public school but due to declining enrolment the school was closed in 1993. Since then, the school was purchased by the Muslim community which was converted into the Saskatoon Islamic Centre and Saskatoon's first Islamic school, Saskatoon Misbah School.


Grosvenor Park is primarily a residential neighbourhood; however, is within close proximity to all the 8th Street business district amenities, The Field House, Royal University Hospital and The University of Saskatchewan.

Suggested Elementary Schools:


Brunskill School (Public School)

101 Wiggins Avenue



St. Philip (Catholic School)

1901 Haultain Avenue



Suggested High Schools:


Aden Bowman Collegiate (Public School)

1904 Clarence Avenue South



Walter Murray Collegiate (Public School)

1905 Preston Avenue



Holy Cross High School (Catholic School)

2115 McEwon Avenue



Community Association:


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